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Great day, I Am LaCora! I believe in living my blessed GOD-geous, spiritually healthy, fit for life, LIFEStyle. I enjoy spending time with God, Myself, Family, Business Partners, and Friends. I thoroughly love operating in my gift passionately, purposely.

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Event Planning and Consulting

We provide consulting services for all occasions

I Am the Founder and CEO of LaCora & Company Inc. and GOD-geous, which are event planning and consulting companies that exemplify inwardly and produces outwardly. I assist people, places, and things in bringing their visions to LIFE. Luxuriously designed with style.


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Executive Partners

Alisa Harvey, Christopher Levens Jr., LaCorey Levens, Nadia Nixon

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“My favorite go to place for all my needs.”

Arelious Marshall

“I love her!! Great personality and she is good at what she does!”

Sammantha Louise

“An amazing person with amazing talent.”

Yarnell Mathis

“I love everything she does, her work exceeds the expectations.”

Tae Smith

“Amazing People Do Amazing Things”

Marco Jackson

“A great company that created a atmosphere for my business to grow.”

Morris Lobe